Welcome to Cornish Turkeys. We produce Fresh Free range turkeys for Christmas in Cornwall in the South West of England.


We offer Bronze and White Free-Range turkeys oven ready at very competitive prices.

Cornish Turkeys is a fledgling business (sorry had to be done) shared between two mates Will and Alex.

We started to farm Free-Range turkeys 5 years ago and have learnt a lot in that time. It is great fun and we are trying hard to develop the business each year.

Having had fun seasons hatching our own chicks we have decided this spring that  having our own breeding stock was stretching our time too much over the year. We want to focus on one part of the process and that will be the farming of the turkeys for oven ready birds at Christmas.

We offer bronze and white turkeys that we buy in as day old chicks these are rounded and plump birds from a hatchery we have been using for 3 years.

We feed the turkeys a mixture of corn and pellet, increasing the amount of corn towards Christmas time and hopefully maximizing flavour.

The Turkeys are kept in a large barn with the farms 2 horses. They can go up a little ramp outside when they want to through the day but we shut them in at night when they naturally roost to keep them safe from Mr Fox. We have an old scaffolding tower that they use to roost on at night and sit on it in the day too. A few of them sit on the fence between the horses and them.
We both feel that active, Free Range Turkeys, Raised in Cornwall can only be tasty turkeys.