Welcome to Cornish Turkeys. We produce Fresh Free range turkeys for Christmas in Cornwall in the South West of England. We offer Bronze and White Free-Range turkeys oven ready at very competitive prices.



Welcome to Cornish Turkey’s. We produce truly free range turkeys ready for an extra special Christmas lunch on our farm in the upper reaches of the Fal Valley.

Cornish Turkeys is a fledgling business (sorry had to be done) and was started 6 years ago by two friends Will and Alex with the aim to provide 20 happy tasty turkeys to friends and family. Since then the business has grown from strength to strength and this year we are able to offer a greater number of special bronze and white birds. Our ethos of happy, healthy and tasty birds produced with care and respect remains the same . We both feel that active, Free Range Turkeys, Raised in Cornwall can only be tasty turkeys.
Our birds arrive on the farm as day old chicks, we keep them indoors under heat until their feathers are waterproof and they are ready to explore the great outdoors at 6 weeks.

Once they are big enough to not be a temptation to Mr Fox they have access to a large field by day and are safely shut in a barn by night.

Turkeys are naturally inquisitive creatures so we enrich their environment to keep them entertained and are able to demonstrate their natural behaviours. Turkeys also like to roost off the ground so we provide them with a variety of perches.
The turkeys are fed on a diet of corn which is all grown here on the farm and a small amount of pellets to give them all the  vitamins and minerals they require. Corn is not only a natural feed but gives them a fantastic flavour. They are not given any hormonal growth additives but simply allowed to grow at their own pace.

When Christmas comes the turkeys are all treated with the same care and respect and are processed here on the farm which minimises stress to the birds. They are all dry hand plucked and left to hang for 5 days to maximise their flavour for the big day. They are sold dressed in the traditional manner with giblets for super gravy.

Turkeys can be collected from the farm where we would like you to join us for a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie!! Alternatively turkeys can be delivered by arrangement.

We very much look forward to hearing from you.

Will, Alex and the Team at Cornish Turkeys